Thursday, March 25, 2004

~The Fat Savage Speaks~

And fuck is she pissed off!

Let's start with the news that is makin' my savage blood boil.

Oh, here's some good shit to start with. The US Senate has passed a fetus protection bill. Check out the Yahoo news story HERE.

Now I'm all for children's rights but I truly believe in my heart that this is just a way to undermine a woman's right to choose. While it specifically says that abortion doesn't fall under this new bill, it may open the door to other legislation that one day might.

I also don't believe that this bill would deter someone from committing a crime. It's just more smoke and mirrors to erode a woman's right.

Her's another tasty tidbit coming from the state of Georgia. You can check it out HERE. It seems that a state senator has decided to include language as an amendment to a bill that prohibits women from getting genital piercings and professional piercers could face from 1 to 20 years in prison.

I believe that, originally, the bill had to do with female circumcision and piercing was added on to it.

Grrr! In any event I believe that an adult woman (or an adult man for that matter) should have complete autonomy over their own bodies. For it to be legislated is just sick and wrong!

And our president select is pissing me off too! I can't find the story anymore (it was at the Daily Mislead) but it basically said that Bush will allow gays to be fired (it was either the White House or government as a whole) JUST FOR BEING GAY!

I'm like...huh? I don't care who you love or have sex with. Can you do the job? That's all that matters! Double grrrrr!

The last story is the one that hits home the most personally. Though I'm a woman, I probably won't ever need an abortion and I don't live in Georgia so I'm safe to decorate my labia and clitoris in whatever manner I deem fit. I'm never planning on working for the government in any capacity (Except to possibly run it some day. That might be nice.) so my sexuality will not be questioned. Though I do admit, all of these stories do have scary possible implications down the road. But no, the last hits hard and hits now.

Turn to "SF GATE" for an article on the changing face of weight. This is what is pissing me off today. Diets that don't work. Women that pour millions into an industry that does not have their best interests at heart. The World Health Organization (WHO) needs to take a flying leap with their new BMI standards that makes Tom Cruise obese. I guess I'm the new flying whale!

To what purpose? Who does it serve to change the numbers?

"The global love-handle police insist on this ridiculous BMI standard, which classifies 61 percent of Americans as overweight or obese. You have probably heard that number. Along with the claim that obesity costs the United States $117 billion a year and kills 300,000 Americans annually, it is one of the three most commonly cited figures associated with our so-called obesity epidemic. But it's more like an epidemic of bad statistics. All three of these numbers are seriously flawed. "

"The claim that excess weight kills 300,000 Americans each year is bizarre in its assumption that overweight people are officially immune to all other causes of death. As insane as it sounds, if Cruise were to kick the bucket for any reason, he would count toward the mythical 300,000 total. "
-Dan Mindus for the San Francisco Chronicle, March 3, 2004

So if I die because I was involved in a car accident, my official cause of death would be my fat!!!??? What the fuck?

There is some seriously faulty logic going on here.

Add to this all the recent media blitz over obesity.

Come on people, wake up and smell the Pop Tarts. Aren't there so many more things that are more important right now?

On the national level:
Education - No Child Left Behind is sure leaving lots of kids behind.
Terrorism - Ours or theirs? I'm not sure which, but it needs to end, pronto. Bring our military home!

And on the state level:
Hawaii - A bill in the house that will provide protection for K-12 students in regards to sexual orientation may soon be quashed.
California - The Gov. is considering putting a 24 month cap on child care subsidies for single parents who are trying to get their degree. Do you know anyone who can get a bachelors degree in 2 years? I sure as hell don't. Come on Arnie, we know you want to balance your state's budget but there's got to be another way. How about a performance cap with a 6 year time limit? Here's how it works. You get 6 years. In that time you need to maintain a certain GPA in order to continue to receive funding. Hey, look! It's simple! Check out Parent Voices for more info.

Get mad, stand up and do something about it! Whatever your passion, whatever you feel strongly about, let your voice be heard! The only way we can change the status quo is by speaking up and education people. Whether it is about the lies perpetuated by the diet industry, inadequate healthcare, lack of adequate education, loss of rights of the individual, etc. Stand up, be counted and you will make a difference.

And don't forget to vote!

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