Thursday, March 25, 2004

~Advice on Feelings During Moontime~

There is no time during the month that I feel more powerful that when I am menstruating. My "moontime" as I call it, is a sacred time just for me. It is when I pause and reflect on my life and look forward into the future to see where I want to go. It is a time of personal power and it shows in my speech and in my direction and focus.

It is also my time to let my personal guard down and feel deep emotion freely. I feel it is a time for me and the Goddess to connect on a deeper lever, a bond of blood and (oftentimes) pain. My cramps, my emotions, all of the things that some may count as negatives all add up to make me feel more alive, more free than any other time of the month.

I will be sad to see my moontimes go with age, but then I will embark upon another type of womans journey. A new realm to explore.

I don't know if any of this will help you. But know this. You are a loved and precious person of power and substance. Regardless of your size. Size is immaterial. You are beautiful. You are beauty.

And you are never, ever, alone.

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