Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Parks Dies at Age 92

I know that this is not "fat savage" news. But I have to express my deeply felt sadness at the demise of Rosa Parks. It distressed me to know that, in her last years of life, she did not live well.

"In the last decade, Mrs. Parks was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. But even as she remained an icon of the textbooks, her final years were troubled. She was hospitalized after a 28-year-old man beat her in her home and stole $53. She had problems paying her rent, relying on a local church for support until last December, when her landlord stopped charging her rent."
-E.R. Shipp, New York Times 10/25/05
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The full story can be found at:
  • New York Times

  • Yahoo Reuters

  • Her act of defiance in 1955 helped shape the Civil Rights movement. She did such wonderful things in her lifetime. The only comfort is knowing that her legacy of peaceful protest in the face of injustice will live on.

    Rest well, Mrs. Parks. You deserve it.

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